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Job Purpose

Senior Developers at Gilmond provide the first level of support for the development team both internally and externally. They act as the first port of call for developers requiring assistance with their day to day development activities as well as being the initial contact point for queries arising from outside of the development team (for example from App Support or Dev Ops).

Senior Developers are expected to be supportive of individuals in their desire to progress and improve as well as delivering high quality development work on a day to day basis.

In addition, they will be pro-active and responsive to changes in the industry and helping to introduce newer and better practices in a pragmatic fashion that improve the quality of Gilmond’s products and services.

A high level of proficiency is expected in our core development language of C#, as well as .NET. Senior Developers must be capable of justifying engineering decisions and how they fit within the company ethos and be prepared to change direction when challenged.

They will take an active part in the development cycle of both the team they work within as well as the company as a whole, contributing to both the team and company goals over the long term. They must be active participants in the sprint cycle, making useful and valuable contributions to team retros, pre-planning and planning.

They will understand that leadership is a part of their role, but that leadership does not come from telling people what to do, but from showing, explaining and being an example to others.

Summary of Main Duties & Responsibilities

On a day to day basis, a Senior Developer is expected to:

  • Participate in software development activities
  • Act as a mentor & advisor to more junior members of the team
  • Act as first point of contact with external parties regarding queries about our software
  • They should be able to answer questions directly
  • -OR- direct people to those better placed to provide answers
  • Provide guidance on Gilmond standards whilst upholding them themselves
  • Help in removing obstacles in the development process
  • Ensure that the development process within their team is fit for purpose and is being followed

Person Specification

  • Someone who encourages simplicity over complexity
  • Someone who always allows software craftmanship to thrive
  • Someone who always looks to embrace change, be it methodology or technical
  • Someone who recognises that speed of progress is about choosing the right things, working in small increments of value, embracing feedback/learning and delivering with technical excellence rather than “increasing velocity”
  • Someone who looks to understand and improve existing code

Skills Knowledge & Experience

It is expected that Senior Developers embody all of the key principles of good software engineering practice that Gilmond embrace, including, but not limited to:

  • Clean code
  • SOLID principles
  • Secure by design
  • Specification by example
  • Test first development
  • Scalable systems
  • High throughput development processes (i.e. CI / CD)
  • High quality logging and telemetry

Standard Information

This is an outline Job Description and employees are expected to undertake other reasonable duties appropriate to the role, as directed.

All employees are expected to comply with the organisational Health & Safety Policy and to undertake their duties responsibly.

All Candidates and employees must have the Right to Work in the UK as required by the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996.

To apply for any of our vacancies, please send your CV, a covering letter and your salary expectations to, quoting the job.