The energy SaaS partner who cares about your business

With end-to-end capabilities covering more key processes than any other energy software provider, Gilmond are the leading provider for UK energy businesses.

We are powering smart performance in the energy sector by going beyond traditional energy through highly automated, intelligent, customer-centric technology.

Our modular, scalable and comprehensive suite of products drives down costs, enabling our clients to deliver a brilliant consumer experience and outperform their competition.

Enabling our clients to out-perform their competition

Automate where possible

Consumer-grade User Experience

Reduce Cost to Serve

Going beyond traditional energy applications

  • Automation to minimise manual intervention and the need for managed services.
  • User experience focused product design, delivering intuitive and functional products that help our clients make the smartest decision at the right time and reduce friction for customers and users alike.
  • Drive down costs resulting in increased profits that enable our clients to out-perform their competitors.