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Creating Competitive Advantage in Retail Energy

Tuesday 8th December at 2.30pm


Suppliers core energy offerings are increasingly commoditised. To differentiate and compete sustainably they need to offer greater product flexibility, improve customer experience and lower their cost to serve.

To lead in a price-competitive energy market, suppliers should look to proven best practices from other (retail-led) sectors. User experience should be designed and leveraged to drive acquisition and retention, and increase responsiveness.  Digital transformation should reduce process and systems complexity, lower operating costs and enable suppliers to compete sustainably.

In this webinar we set out explore how energy suppliers can leverage proven strategies to create competitive advantage, illustrated by case studies of digital transformation from within and outside of the industry.

Steve Elsham, CEO at Gilmond will be joined by guest speakers Ryan Thomson, Energy Specialist and Partner at Baringa and Ben Morgan, Digital Transformation leader at Baringa.

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The evolving energy landscape: are you prepared for business change?

On Tuesday 29th September we hosted a live webinar.

The panel consisted of Steve Elsham, CEO at Gilmond, alongside Robert Gildert, Co-Founder of Gilmond and Amy Marshall, Smart Energy Specialist and Director at KPMG.

To access the recorded broadcast via our YouTube channel,  click this link.

Amy Marshall, Director of KPMG referred to some free insight reports, during the webinar.

You can access them here:

Covid-19: A new reality for Energy and Utilities
Green Fiscal Stimulus: Why the UK needs one and how to implement it


If you’d like to get in touch with a member of our team or one of the panel then please email: info@gilmond.com



Home Webinars

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The Evolving Energy Landscape: Are you prepared for business change?

Date: Tuesday 29th September

Time: 2.15pm

In an industry that is already evolving, we’ve been hit by a pandemic, creating further change to the sector. With our guest speaker, Amy Marshall, Director and Smart Energy Specialist from KPMG, we discuss the effects of Covid-19 in the energy sector including how it has impacted, and will continue to change, the industry.

  • What have businesses operating in this sector learnt during this period?
  • What risks and opportunities does it present?
  • How does this impact the evolving landscape of the energy sector?
  • What you can do about it and what role your technology and software needs to play to facilitate it

Hosted by: Rob Gildert, Founder of Gilmond, Steve Elsham, CEO of Gilmond and Amy Marshall, Director at KPMG

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